DJ Mom Jeans | All to All by Broken Social Scene

You made your life on everything…

UPDATE: I have no idea why part of this post deleted all of a sudden but since people are still finding + listening, I want to make sure if you loved the track you knew where to go to find more and what makes this piece a little more awesome.

DJ Mom Jeans is none other than Danny Masterson of That 70’s Show.

I recently discovered a band called The Mastersons before heading to SXSW ‘12. I thought “Oh man, did he get his brother into spinning records and team up?”

Well, no they were not referring to such a team, and I thought “no of course not why would they BOTH be deejays?!” in a rather defeated tone.

However at SXSW I stumbled (literally) onto a party bus that was circling the Downtown Austin area.My friends insisted that it would be a faster way to get to The Flamingo where I was headed for the Under the Radar party. 

Well upon this double decker bus were their promo girls doing karaoke in between deejay sets; and who was the DJ on board that day? It was none other than Danny Masterson’s brother! 


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