Frank Turner + Free Four Year Strong Fairweather Fan

You can thank our friend + new photo-journalist for these recommendations, and keep an eye out for more announcements introducing her and others to the team! And now, on to your music… 

There’s a new song from Four Year Strong which the band has made available for free download on their Facebook.

Before you leave, check out this video from Frank Turner on Jimmy Kimmel Live:

Frank Turner performed on Jimmy Kimmel recently and they just posted the videos on YouTube. We brought this one over for you.

Have a happy, safe + fun Halloween Weekend! Be ready for a super special Creepy Cure for your Mondays!

If you are interested in contributing your style + skill to Indie Music through Blue Sky + Hard Rock Entertainment, please e-mail  by 11/22.

Even if you aren’t working @ HQ, you are still a part of Blue Sky and we encourage all of you to submit your favorite music to the blog through our Share + Submit feature. Thank you!


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