Five Minutes. Help Us Help You + Win!

We have this thing. It’s called a Survey. And it would mean the world to me if you could spare 5 minutes and take it.

I promise

  • to read all responses and take them each into consideration.
  • If you provide a personal link, I’ll feature you in a special Blue Sky Post. 
  • Provide contact info and I will personally reply to you.

Oh yeah, you can win tickets and iTunes giftcards!

Your answers will help us shape Blue Sky into YOUR music resource.

Recent Activity 

✈ misskatdivine replied to your post:

So, I did this… But how was I dumb enough to not put my contact info? Lol! Next time you should have a spot for it besides the comments… Or maybe you did and I’m just dumb. Ugh. Haha!


You are right, I will edit the last field to specifically ask for contact info. I thought the survey service would ask automatically but I was only allowed 10 actual customized text areas/questions. I should be able to figure out which one is your since it is so early on. If not, I’ll tweet ya! Thanks a billlion 😉

 Survey Answer 11/1/2011 4:34 PM


Music news? Do you do music news? I’m new here…

☁ mj:

We will definitely be providing a lot more music news as long as people keep showing an interest. We are working on multiple blogs to filter individual filters to explore how that works for you guys. The main blog [this one] will contain all features, so you are in the right place! We also have an industry insider edition coming.

This is why I’m going to be adding Disqus comments on Blue Sky- providing that our friends and readers find use in them. I hope you will! We’d absolutely adore to hear from you and be able to interact in a more personal and convenient manner.


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