New Music Releases to Get Your Hands on This Week

These little gems are out now and available through you can click links to review + purchase the album.

Florence + The Machine | Ceremonials

Long Live the King [EP] Image

The Decemberists Long Live the King [EP] 

Megadeth | TH1RT3EN

Total Decay EP

The Soft Moon | Total Decay [EP]


Blouse | Blouse [self titled]

Product Details

Wale | Ambition

Metallica | Lulu

The Color Spectrum: The Complete Collection

Dear Hunter | The Color Spectrum [Box Set]


Sick Of It All | Non-Stop

Electronic Music Releases

  Select 4: Music for Our Friends

Select 4: Music for our FriendsClaude Challe & Jean-Marc


Eleven | Wagon Cookin’

Remixes: Mixed

The Remixes |  Deadmau5 [import]

Also Out Now:


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