Givers | Up Up Up

A connection, for those of you who may not know: This track off of In Light, the debut LP from the Givers (avant-pop), which was mixed in part by Ben Allen (Animal Collective, Deerhunter).

Up Up Up > In Light > Ben Allen > Animal Collective

Reasons to Hit Play

The Music, Man…The track is just great- uplifting and fun. I believe it would be a bit difficult to listen to this song and not feel a little better about life. I know I always catch it on shuffle because my body seems to instinctively sync to the rhythm. 

Besides the amazing talent that worked on this album full of gold, we at BSHR think that Paste Magazine has a spot-on account of the album in their review:

They know when to let a good groove ride, content to bask in the sun-streaked guitar stabs and kick drum pulse of opener “Up Up Up,” their most easily digestible moment. But elsewhere, their attention spans are shorter, attacking the restless behemoth that is “Meantime” like surgeons huddled around an open-heart surgery, dissecting the song through a series of jarring (and wonderful) shifts in tempo and dynamics—a sprint from muscley, exotic pop to worldly funk and back again.

The article goes on tho say “Speaking strictly sonics, In Light is literally the brightest album I’ve heard in ages,” which I am not sure about ‘in ages’, but definitely file under Happy Times Tunage.

Are you an indie pop fan or musician? Maybe you aren’t but you surprisingly happened to enjoy this track? I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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