Coachella Line-Up Leak + Flyer

There are always rumors about the Coachella Line-up each year, and of course this year is no different.

Here is the rumored “leaked line-up” and the “facts” to back it up.

Line up for Coachella Valley Music Festival 2012

April 13th-15th and Aprl 20th-22nd

According to gossip site StarzUncut, their anonymous inside source says this is the real thing + that most of the acts are confirmed, stating:

“Although a few artists haven’t been 100% confirmed, many have been, including No Doubt and Radiohead.”

UPDATE! Our friends who are closely connected to others involved with Coachella tell us this flyer is missing certain bands! Did not say if there are extra bands on it though. Obviously the flyer itself is one of the fakes, being the first one and all. We’ll see how much of it sticks.

The guessing game continues to find the true Coachella ‘12 Line-up. Is there really some truth in every lie?

What do you think of the whole thing? Who would you like to see?


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