You may have heard Martin Vidal and Mr. Knox individually at residencies at Cinespace [DIM MAK Loft], The Standard + The Maya, but one thing is for sure:

When Vidal + Knox combine their musical powers to form their new duo Voxmodus the result is impressive and the DJ’s are quickly winning over the nightclubs and the crowds everywhere they go.

It’s pretty safe to say that you will be seeing a lot more of Voxmodus in 2012.

You can even be among the first to shake it on their team + catch them this year! And when we say this year, what we mean is tomorrow!

A Sophisticates United Holiday goes off tomorrow night at the Detroit Bar [Costa Mesa, CA].

Detroit’s been surprising all of Orange County as they keep bringing in killer electronic acts that the locals are used to having to drive up to Los Angeles to see, and you haven’t heard the last from Blue Sky about this big little venue!

Voxmodus is joining forces with SUNGrp + in turn will be setting your dancing hearts into a whirlwind of electric energy on the main stage of Detroit Bar tomorrow night, right before RAC! (yes we are quite excited)

We’re looking forward to bringing you some great exclusive photosets from Voxmodus + RAC as they take on the Detroit Bar tomorrow with Kedd Cook, Julius + Her Swerve.

The boys of Voxmodus + the good people of Mega Machine Records & Co have served up this treat for you guys. . .

Listen to the entire set from Voxmodus’ EP Release Party!

Then Download. Sync. Enjoy.

And come say hi to Blue Sky, RAC + Voxmodus tomorrow night @ Detroit Bar! Bring your dancing shoes.


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