Strummer Love – Remembering The Late Inspirational Rocker

Joe Strummer holds a place dear in the heart of music, rock n roll, fans of The Clash and of Blue Sky.
One of the first posts on Blue Sky was in memeory of the late frontman of the Clash, on his birthday. Now just months later, it’s hard to believe the strides we have been able to make (thanks to you) that have brought us here to this pots- honoring Joe Stummer on the 9th anniversary of his passing.
It’s one of those things where words just fall short- where feelings are so mountainous that words just shrink them and even seem absurd.
Strummer’s old bandmates have done well with their words today. 

9 years since the untimely death of Joe Strummer… a true maverick & brilliant frontman.– Tim Burgess

Today we remember our brother Joe Strummer, who died on this day in 2002. The music he made still resonates. As London burned this summer, his words came to mind ‘White youth, black youth, better find another solution. Why not phone up Robin Hood and ask him for some wealth distribution?’Billy Bragg

And the best quote that says it all beautifully…  

“Joe is with me all the time you know… I can feel him in so many ways, its something that’s with me a lot of the time.” Mick Jones

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