Part 1 of 3 Sky Selections This New Year’s Eve
A Few of the Top “Sky + Friends” Spotify Playlists

Blue Sky’s Top Picks of 2011 [pt.1 tbc] An earlier start to The Best of List
Contenders ‘11 Who else was up for a 2011 Best Of?
Last.Loved Tracks from that You guys loved!
top tracks | top albums | 12/11 Emerging
Up Up Up | Starry Skies

*A preview of the tracklist for’s 50 Top Rock Songs of 2011

lookingformyshadow’s Best albums
1.Strange Mercy-St.Vincent 2.Let England Shake-PJ Harvey 
3.Bon Iver-Bon Iver 4.A Creature I Don’t Know-Laura Marling 
5.The Whole Love-Wilco 6.Parallax-Atlas Sound 
7.Wounded Rhymes-Lykke Li 8.Watch The Throne-Jay-z&Kanye West 
10. Yuck-Yuck

sillyrabbitartisforkids Best albums
1. Handsome Furs – Sound Capital 2. Starfucker – Reptilians 
3. Moonface – Vibraphone Not Organ Music Like I’d Hoped 
4. Arcade Fire – The Suburbs 5. Wolf Parade – Expo 86

Above: Recent Top Tracks | Below: Top Tracks from the Start of Blue Sky


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