A Special Addition to the Sky

A while back, at the very start of Blue Sky I began cooresponding through emails with a wonderful young lady from Buenos Aires. She encouraged me with amazing words of support as I set out on this new path alone. Her name was Juana and she participated in our Under the Radar Birthday Special.

Juana stayed in touch with me month after month, always unaware that it was during the hard times that she was sending these great inspirational messages. I needed her, and I very much needed someone like her on the team only I did not want to give up our first real supporter and reader.

The other day Juana’s message was a simple one asking me if she could contribute in writing for Blue Sky, at which point I knew none of the concerns I had about losing that support were valid but that they would in fact grow and manifest into a much stronger platform in the movement to protect endangered music.

And so I give you your newest Blue Sky Writer, Juana Giaimo.

She is happy when she buy Cds and loves going back home to listen to them while flipping through the artwork. Even though it seems that the only important thing in her life is music, she also likes film + literature, currently fascinated with graphic novels. 

To introduce her music taste and bring you a few Argentinian tunes as well, here’s A List of Songs that Make Juana Smile

Yeasayer Ambling Alp
Vampire Weekend Holiday
Dirty Projectors Stillness In The Move
Jónsi Around Us
Feist I Feel It All
Sigur Rós Við Spilum Endalaust
Death Cab For Cutie Stay Young, Go Dancing
107 Faunos Pretemporada
Spoon The Way We Get By
Jamie Lidell Multiply
Babasónicos Risa

We could not be happier to have Juana @ Blue Sky. Please help us make her feel welcome.

You can visit her right here on Tumblr or at www.last.fm/user/certain-romance

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