Who the F@#$ is Bon Iver

I cannot believe that sites like “Who-the-f*ck is Bon Iver” exist, but for them and anyone else wondering, we have created this playlist of some of our favorite Bon Iver tunes to help educate you…

Bon Iver Official Site | Wikipedia Page on Bon Iver

boniver’s Channel on YouTube | Bon Iver on Facebook | Bon Iver on Last.fm

Bon Iver is a folk band founded in 2007 by American indie folk singer-songwriter Justin Vernon (who you saw give the acceptance speech at the Grammy’s).

The name means “good winter” in French.

The band includes Michael Noyce,Sean Carey, and Matthew McCaughan.

They won the 2012 Grammy Award for Best New Artist and for Best Alternative Music Album.

[photo from spinner]

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