Discover Hesta Prynn

Discover: Hesta Prynn

This lady is insanely awesome, and thus has admirers (namely myself) going insane wondering where on Earth, in Austin she’ll be playing this year, if she even does!

Hesta has played the past few years at SXSW, but this year the site has only one event listed for her- as a speaker! 

Women’s Wisdom for a Connected Century will teach attendees how the lessons of our grandmothers and other women of an earlier era can help us move into new techniques and visions to mentor the 21st century – both to women and men.  

And that makes us love Hesta even more- please someone put my #sxscrambled mind at ease and bless us with info on a SXSW gig featuring Miss Prynn!

Oh yeah- Hesta is rockin a Tumblr blog for you guys.

Hey ladies if this topic interests you, let us know! We have quite a few special projects in the works to empower women in and through music and would love to hear what you think!


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