Discover: @SXSW Don’t Mess With Texas

Sample new music from the 2012 SXSW Festival. The Album is presented by the Orchard and features these tracks:

Lee Fields – You’re the Kind of Girl
Laura Gibson – La Grande
Ganglians – Jungle

– Big Broom
Wooden Wand – Motel Stationary
Xray Eyeballs – X
Whirr – Junebouvier
The Big Sleep – Ace
Amy Ray – Glow
Torche – Kicking
Royal Baths – Darling Divine
Devin – You’re Mine
Mustard Pimp – The Garden (feat. Puppetmastaz)
Zambri – ICBYS
The Drums – Money
Cuckoo Chaos – Jesus Flag American Fish
Princeton – Florida
Little Tybee – Nero
Cardinal – Her
Young Man – Fate
Sonnymoon – Just Before Dawn
Spank Rock – Energy
Horseman – Cry (Vocal Mix)

Oh, and if you love some of these songs (mainly ones by The Drums, Zambri, Chairlift…) then may we suggest you check out the Under the Radar parties @ SXSW and catch them live! The event is free and open to the public– no RSVP required. 

Plus if you need to sample the other artists playing this event to be convinced it must not be missed,  well we might say that’s silly (did we mention there is also free beer?).

Then again, we might also point you towards the Spotify playlist that UTR’s editor Laura Studarus published of the line-up, which is far from silly. Check out Taken by Trees cover of Sweet Child of Mine (that is indeed sweet) along with twenty other tracks by subscribing to this Spotify playlist.

Under the Radar’s SXSW Party – Spotify Playlist


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