Blue Sky + B-Sides | A Record Store Day Release

If it seems a little quite around the skies since SXSW, it is not actually that we are recovering- though the time to do so was much needed!

We are actually hard at work on the first digital download of the magazine along with our first ever Sampler CD which we are putting out in honor of Record Store Day next month!

The compilation will be available to all our friends and readers right here on Blue Sky for FREE in support of indie music and the independent record stores online.

If you are a band or artist interested in being featured on this release, please email for an immediate response.

We are considering all genres and looking for your current tracks, top hits and rarities.

Leading up to the release, we will be bringing you a special edition of the Daily Discovery featuring artists who will also be supporting indie next month with their own release or reissue.

We hope you discover some great finds to go hunting for on Record Store Day, and we look forward to receiving + sharing a ton of great music with you.


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