Viva Voce ”Octavio”

Viva Voce is Latin for ”with living voice,” but is most often translated as “by word of mouth.”

Kevin Robinson and Anita Robinson formed Viva Voce in 1998 in their home town of Muscle Shoals, Alabama.
They moved to Nashville and then to the Portland, OR in 2003.
If I am correct, this year marks their 15th wedding anniversary.
The Robinson’s have toured with The Shins and Jimmy Eat World, and they area also members of the band Blue Giant.
In 1998 Viva Voce released their debut album Hooray for Now.
They started their own label, Amore!Phonics, and released Lovers, Lead the Way! in 2003.
“Octavio” is a song off their 2009 album Rose City.
Their sixth studio album, The Future Will Destroy You came out on June 21, 2011 on Vanguard Records


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