For the Love of The Kills

Yesterday, The Kills tested my love for them, or more so my computer tested my love for The Kills. These happen to be the findings of said test:

The Kills are the band I love enough to type a rare wordy article about using the on-screen keyboard. They are l o u d and unkept and unapologetic- they are “real rock ‘n rollas” and this Fall they celebrate their 10 year anniversary.

With only but a few tickets left for their August 13th show at The Mayan Theater in LA, The Kills have announced a second show (also at the Mayan) on August 14th. Tickets went on sale at noon via The Kills’ Artist Arena page.

“With specials guests Black Bananas and our very own Black Rooster Drum Corps, this will be our last LA area show for Blood Pressures”.

In Celebration of their 10 years of wonderful partnership, bandmates VV + Hotel (Alison Mosshart + guitarist Jamie Hince) are releasing “Dream & Drive”- a special “luxury photograph” book featuring photos by their friend and long time collaborator, the renowned Kenneth Cappello. Kenneth also directed videos like U.R.A. Fever for the two.

“The book documents over nine years of the band’s career, with a selection of intimate behind the scenes, press and live shots” —Domino Records rep.

“Dream & Drive” will be released August 16th, but it appears you can Pre-order now, and get your copy August 4th. Though the book may not be for just any ole muso who enjoys The Kills. It’s priced at a modest $55.00 pre-sale.

 ”The tremble of the nightclub, the dive of backstage temporaries, electricity flung like paint through space… And I suppose it’s the drift and swing, that shows you who you are, and that music is a force and really is, all it’s cracked up to be.
                             These photos make me remember everything.” – A. Mosshart

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