One Week Day Two, A Summer Playlist

From day two of my “one week one mix” (click through to listen)

Summer Timing Tracks 4—8

A Playlist of Summer’s “Must See” (and hear) Artists

…Yesterday I gave you three bands who were pretty much straight forward guitar-driven indie rock. Today I chose to showcase something more on the electronic side with these 5 tracks that I consider super catchy and irresistibly “body-movin” So let’s get right to it:

4). Take A WalkPassion Pit

What started as a solo project for east-coast native Michael Angelakos to make-up with his girlfriend was destined to evolve into a full recording project, a complete band, multiple albums + tours and loved by happy-sad kids everywhere who sing their praises religiously… at least I don’t think it is just me.

I feel incredible love and sentiment for this band in particular since it’s a “I knew them when” story. Back in 2008 the very week that the Passion Pit EP Chunk of Change came out (possibly the week before even) I was sitting in a car with this guy who absolutely prides himself in his “music snob” nature. None-the-less as we drove through the hills of the Los Angeles Valley, north into Santa Barbara’s College Community, I rolled the window down feeling the perfect night air of the Southern California Coast brush my face as I stared in wonder at a surprising amount of stars for our city, and let my arm dance out the window in perfect harmony with the breeze,  one with the music- this music! What was it?! 

Yeah, okay you get it… It was Passion Pit’s EP which I actually received from said music snob as one of the best CD’s anyone has given to me. I met Michael the following year at SXSW and have another hilarious story about that- but am afraid I must save it (along with my breath and your time).

The band of course went on to record the incredible full length Manners, about which words fall short. This track is off their long awaited and highly anticipated follow-up release due out July 24th of this year.

(listen to my favorite track from Gossamer, not yet on Spotify)

That said, the next few I will keep brief:

5). RadioactiveImagine Dragons

Imagine Dragons is a local Las Vegas band who broke out on the indie scene abruptly with this release, and this- one of my favorite tracks that only gets more catchy the more times you listen.

6). AmanaemonesiaChairlift

Chairlift’s best song may be Bruises but is easily challenged by this very different tune with an amazing unique title, a somehow eerie dance tune and artistically crafted lyrics. Oh did I mention creepy/odd video? “Is it Amnesia? Amanaemo…”

7). VanessaGrimes

Claire Boucher is the talent behind the widely-loved music artist Grimes- another sudden success in indie music, with top tracks like Oblivion being posted constantly by bloggers everywhere. Grimes plays a few festivals this summer and also played Make Music Pasadena over this last weekend.

8). Default (Tom Furse Remix)Django Django

Django Django is a British psychedelic quartet, and this remix is fabulously done by Tom Furse (or Tom Cowan) who plays synthesizer and bass for another one of last year’s favorite act, The Horrors.

Fun fact: Tom’s brother Freddie Cowan filled in on guitar several times with The Horrors, his full time gig being in another excellent band- The Vaccines.

Tomorrow I have 4 or 5 more for you guys, coming back around to the rock persuasion before really stepping it up the next day or so until my week is through!

Hope you are enjoying this site (and mix) as much as I am. Leave some love for Jeff @ One week or tell us what’s on your mind here below. Over to You!


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