Theme: Summer Timing Playlist of Summer’s Must See (and hear) Artists
Tracks 9 – 13
9). BartenderThe Royalty

My boyfriend is into some pretty heavy stuff. We are totally opposite in most of our taste in music. So when he is into what I am streaming à la Spotify these days, I know that it’s something really special. 

This was the case with The Royalty (specifically this song). As we listened over and over in just the last weeks here, I found something so familiar yet couldn’t quite place what it was. Maybe that’s the appeal though. In any case, there is definitely a chord that echoes of soulful sixties-doo-wop paired gorgeously with Nicole Boudreau’s powerful vocals and lyrics that inspired my description “reckless sincerity”- singing of sweet naivety and wishful thinking yet obviously a strong woman with “street smarts” who sees right through you (and will sing about the view there)! The Royalty is touring right now and I am sure you will catch them throughout the summer.

—Meagan from Blue Sky + Hard Rock

And if you are in CA we will see you @ The Royalty show coming up at the Satellite where we may just return with some more love to share via the band.

Check out the rest of today’s mix with mj’s commentary @ One Week One Mix.


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