This week’s Monday Mixtape comes from Jeff of One Week One Mix! I had so much fun writing and curating a playlist for his wonderful blog last week and was happy to receive this in return to share with you guys! Thanks Jeff! -mj

Greetings! My name is Jeff and I recently set-up a blog called One Week \ One Mix. Each week, a different writer creates a mix using Spotify, posting t a few songs per day, writing about their song choices and how it fits into a pre-selected theme. Last week, I was lucky enough to have none other than Blue Sky + Hard Rock’s Meagan make a mix for us, so I thought I’d return the favor and make a little something for Blue Sky’s Monday Mixtape. 

I love sharing music and I’ve always made mixes for friends and family members, ever since I was in middle school. I was inspired to create the blog after following the excellent Tumblr One Week // One Band. I enjoyed their format of having a different writer each week write about a specific band and I figured it would be easy enough to adopt that style, but make it about a mix rather than a band, which would allow the writer to explain the choices they make when creating a mix, revealing something about themselves at the same time. 

The mix I made for you today is made-up of mostly new songs, with a few reliable older ones mixed in too. I tried to go with songs I’m actively listening to this summer, either because they’re new, because I’m seeing the band live soon, or have seen them recently, or because I just discovered a song for the first time and can’t stop listening to it. I hope you enjoy, and if you’re interested in checking out One Week \ One Mix, click here to see it for yourself. And if you’re interested in making a mix for us, e-mail me here [on Tumblr], I’d love to hear from you.

Thanks, all! And thanks again to Meagan and everyone at Blue Sky + Hard Rock for everything that they do. Happy listening!



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