Free Music Friday | New Bear Hands


Yes, it would appear as if it is indeed another Friday [Happy Friday to you], and therefore a free (and legal) downloadable music day.

I am extremely glad to post this one for you today, as this band is one of my favorites and has been lying low for sometime now.

However, after a few curious Facebook statuses leading up to the 4th of July this year, Bear Hands has released their FREE EP!

SONGS FROM UTOPIA VOLUME ONE is a collection of quasi-political “thought pieces” that serve as a manifestation of overwhelming white guilt and a pinko elitist liberal arts education. Released worldwide on July 4th, 2012 it is also a birthday present for America.

Bear Hands would like to thank James Brown, Himanshu Suri, Lauren Wolchick, Christian Rutledge, and Barack Obama for making this release possible.

[Produced and Mixed by James Brown Mastered by Joe LaPorta @ The Lodge.]

click the artwork above

to go to

+ download songs from utopia for FREE!



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