Sometimes Great Music Finds You | Molotov Jive via SE

So much of my time is consumed with hunting things down- bands, shows, images, resources and so on.
Today I am happy to count one of many blessings:  the days when it doesn’t matter so much what you find but what happens to finds you.
The statement couldn’t be more true than when it refers to great music like the jives from this Swedish band (oh yeah another sweet Swed artist to add to the regions ever-growing list). 
For 2 years, Molotov Jive have spent their time writing for their third album and playing shows like Cirkus in Stockholm  where they played a supporting set for Suede in December of 2010. This show was the first time Molotov Jive performed as a five piece band, adding synths and extra percussion to their outfit- a step I think you will find gives them that little extra punch in their music.
The latest singles, Friendship and Run are availbale below courtesy Molotov Jive + Cosmos Music Group. I hope you’ll take the time to enjoy these tracks and celebrate the fact that it is now Friday-eve.

More celebrating is due are we are well on our way to a new great looking and functional site to be shared soon and since we have officially added a talented young videographer to our team, miss Breanna (Breezy Films) to the team!
We’ll have a little one on one time for you to get to know Breanna later. And in more awesome team news- tomorrow I will try to upload something special for you  live from the US Open of Surfing in Hutnington Beach, CA where TV on the Radio is set to perform a free show around the early evening hours.

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