Dreams + One Year of of Blue Sky

I knew it was fast approaching, but luckily I just happened to look at the date on my calendar and then scurried to the date of my very first post to see they were one in the same. Yes, today marks exactly one year of Blue Sky + Hard Rock.”

Looking at the first few nearly wordless posts, I am astonished that what began as an effort to keep track of new music, with several lyrics scattered across a digital canvas of memories has transformed into dream after dream after dream– each one met sometimes before it was even realized.

Not that it wasn’t endless work and effort and learning, because for years before Blue Sky was more than a neat nostalgic quote in my head it was the  ups and downs  and failures and upsets and longing of a child of music. 

But all this is another story, because this is the Cure for the Mondays and there must be a playlist.

Since it is our One Year Anniversary, I compiled this list out of the songs from the first few weeks of posts.

They were nothing more than sentances or lyrics that stood out accompanied by a song. So this week I am looking back and editing them to include why these songs were chosen

Here are a few of those First Songs of the Sky in a playlist that named itself appropriately Dreams.


Entries already updated

Neon Indian Terminally Chill (Yacht Remix)* | Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros Home* | Light for Fire The Huckster | The Vaccines Nogaard

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