South of France Debut [+Interview]

Get ready to discover and bask in the promising, well executed sounds of South of France.

The duo released their debut album ‘Another Boring Sunrise’ September 18th and just did a fun series of posts sharing their music tastes as they took over ListenBeforeYouBuy.

Now listen as they share more of themselves in this interview with Blue Sky’s Juana… 

+How did you meet each other?

Jeff had been writing songs and even released an EP as South of France before we met. A mutual friend knew Jeff was looking for a singer, and though he was living in Colorado, she had a hunch that we should meet.
So, when Jeff was visiting LA, we did, and hit it off immediately. We have the same taste in music, same vision for our music careers… within hours of meeting we were making plans to start recording. 

+How did you decide on the name?
Jeff started writing the songs that would be South of France’s first tunes while he was traveling in the South of France. When he got home, he started recording, and it just seemed like a fitting name. 

+What can listeners expect to get from listening to your music?
If you like things to be lovely, you’ll like South of France- retro guitar sounds and organs and ooh’s and things. It’s dreamy, it’s melodic, it’s summery, and it’s good for driving with the windows down.
+What can they expect to experience at your live shows?
Whiskey. Rumpshaking.

+Who are your biggest musical influences? Anyone upcoming that you are really into?
We both like 50’s and 60’s pop and R&B… a lot.  As for new stuff.. Nick Waterhouse, Youth Lagoon, The Growlers.. stuff like that. 

+Where can fans find your music online or otherwise, either to stream, download or to purchase? 
You can purchase the album on iTunes or Bandcamp, or you can stream it on Spotify.

+Where can they connect with the band?
Facebook is a good way to connect with us: . We have a twitter account, but honestly we’re no good at it. No good at all.
+What do you feel is the hardest thing about being an indie music band/ today? What do you love most about it?
The hardest part is getting the music to the people who are going to love it. It’s a lot easier to make a great sounding album on your own than it used to be, so the indie scene is really saturated with new artists popping up every day.
Most people don’t have time to listen to every new album they see has come out— once they’ve seen 5 blog posts about South of France’s new music video, they’re going to be way more likely to watch than the first time they saw it.
And even though it’s a challenge, we love having spent so much time on something and then watching it spread and grow. It’s awesome that there are so many people excited about and scouring the internet for new music.
+Can you give any smaller or local bands looking to get gigs and airplay some tips?
For us, it’s about not settling with our songs. Any little thing that sounds off to you, go back and fix it, make it the music you hear in your head, because if you think it’s great, somebody else will too, and then you can let the music do a lot of the work for you.

+When can we expect to see you touring and in which regions?
That’s a good question. Right now we’re just playing as much as we can locally in order to develop a really great live show that we can take on the road. Then we’ll go anywhere.
+What’s new + exciting in “South of France”? 
We have a new music video in which Kelly almost vomits here, and if you want to see us live, we’ll be playing a couple shows in Denver with Hundred Waters and Exitmusic (October 8th at Larimer Lounge) and Tamaryn (October 29th at the Hi-Dive). And of course.. we just put out our debut album on iTunes!

+Any parting words?
Thanks to all the wonderful people who have helped out, supported/believed in our little pop songs.

Thank you Jeff + Kelly- great release!

Everyone else, go listen. go purchase. go support.

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