Spring Offensive

Juana recently interviewed Chris of Spring Offensive . Check it out!
+How did you meet each other and what lead you to come together to create music?
We’ve known each other since school, mostly. We shared record collections growing up, and we started the band some years. We wish it was more exciting. Like we met in a debtors prison or something.
+You’ve played live in many different places, such as theatres, churches, museums, etc. Would you tell us more about the differences of playing in each of these? Is there any show that you remember?
We remember most of them! Playing outside of a conventional gig venue or bar means that the experience is better for everyone. The last big hometown show we did was in a huge church in Jericho – we love making a show our own and offering more than a sticky-floored homogenized venue chain. We promote and curate our shows as often as is feasible.
+Oxford’s music scene has been growing in the past years, is there any band or musician from there that you like?
We love The Grinding Young, but they’re not playing at the moment. The peerless Stornoway have a new album out soon. Our bff’s are undisputed Oxford kings Gunning For Tamar and Deer Chicago. Sharing the throne like Jay-Z and Kanye.
+Who are your biggest musical influences?
+You’ve participated in Radiohead’s tribute album “Round the Bends” by doing a cover of “Bones”. Why did you choose this song?
We were honoured to be asked to be involved in that. But it turned out all the good ones had been taken.
+Would you like to tell us more about filming and creating the music video for your new single “Not Drowning but Waving”?
We filmed it in the Isle of Wight on a balmy, hot, calm summer’s day. Might have been the only one of the year. We wanted a storm, we wanted waves crashing against the shore, we wanted rain by the bucket-load. We didn’t want to just re-tell the story of the song, so the video works a bit like a sequel, with the drowning as the departure point. It’s kind of a what-happened-next, how you deal with being guilt-ridden.
+What do you feel is the hardest thing about being an indie music band today? What do you love most about it?
The hardest thing about it is getting money together for rent, but the best part is not caring.
+Can you give any smaller or local bands looking to get gigs and airplay some tips?
Be yourself, listen to your peers but don’t imitate them. The music industry is in a bit of a shitty state, but you have to faith in what you’re doing. If you have the songs, and the drive, there will be people out there who will fall in love with it and who can support, help and drive you. Make sure you enjoy it too.
+Any parting words, a message to your fans?
We’re mad as hell and we’re not going to take it any more. Oh, and come see us and say hello at a show soon.


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