CURRENTLY LISTENING TO: Animal Collective The Painters EP

CURRENTLY LISTENING TO: Animal Collective The Painters EP


RAC Chapter One Debuts Worldwide!

RAC “CHAPTER ONE” is now available worldwide! High-res →

RAC started a little over 5 years ago and this is in many ways a celebration.

Andre writes “I wouldn’t be writing this without your support so I can’t tell you how grateful I am. Sometimes I spend an hour or two liking every tumblr post that talks about us. It just means that much.” 

We know that these guys have something really special going on and they were one of the first artists we found on Tumblr and the first to interact here (with a “like” so you can rest assured the prior statement is true).

So, we’re right along with them in believing that there’s a serious chance at making it onto some kind of iTunes chart.

Help ‘em out + tell your friends and help us spread the word.

Rest of The World:

Stream El Perro Del Mar’s new album, Pale Fire

The Hype Machine is streaming Pale Fire, the new album by El Perro Del Mar, out on November 13th. The follow up to Love Is Not Pop, released in 2009, Pale Fire gets closer to electronic instruments but keeps the dreamy side of the artist’s music which has always distinguished her. 

New Music Out Today


It’s Tuesday + after a great start to the week we are ready to add some great new releases into the mix. 

The following records drop today:

  • Beth Orton’s Sugaring Season
  • California Wives, Art History
  • Dark Dark Dark gives us Who Needs Who

  • Tori Amos has a new album out today titled Gold Dust
  • Muse releases The 2nd Law
  • Van Morrison releases their THIRTY FOURTH studio album Born to Sing: No Plan B 
  • + Matt and Kim’s highly anticipated Lightning is out now!