New Enso Remix!

What’s up!
Wanted to send you our newest remix… Thought you might enjoy it 🙂
New up and coming band Icky Blossoms asked us to remix their hit “Babes” that came out last year. We turned it into a tight, hard hitting electro track, with a touch of trap. It was released on their remix EP entitled “Revisions” (Saddle Creek Records), which includes Them Jeans, Gosteffects, and some other great names. 
Here’s the track. Let us know if you’d like the MP3.
Seth & Derrick


New material from Shpy. One EP and three videos.

Infogad bild 1

New material from Shpy. One EP and three videos.

It is October and Swedish indie duo Shpy is releasing the “Always Distant EP”.

It is now available on Spotify, iTunes, SoundCloud and Vimeo.

Stockholm-based Shpy is Simon Karlssons (Lägenhet25, The Third Try) and Daniel Vegerfors (Elias & the Wizzkids, Yamon Yamon). It all started in 2011 and the following year they released the EP “Springs”, containing the acclaimed single “Lated.”

Shpy claims that every song needs a video. Therefore, Shpy spent a week on building a model city from scrap paper for the video “Lated,” and on the new EP, Shpy has plunged into animal books, looked at winamp-visuals, collages and viscous liquids. Watch and listen: Spotify, iTunes, SoundCloud, Vimeo.


Spotify iTunesSoundcloud –  Promo MP3 download


electronic power pop


Introducing the British duo, Paul B and Elena V who are HOT CASANDRA.
It’s been a while now since we’re following  you, we think you’re doing an amazing job and we thought it’s time to send you some electronic pop music.

Now London based, Hot Casandra have been producing synth driven music that has an underground electro sound, as well as 80’s synth pop since 2010.

Hold Me Tight feat. Bianca Ionescu

Ibiza Global Radio MIX –

Early Nightmares EP

Getaway Heart (unreleased)

HC already opened for Royksopp, Selah Sue, Handsome Furs, Bloodgroup, Chew Lips, Lavagance, Kumm and Mr Fogg.

We’d love to collaborate with you. Please write back as soon as possible.


Hot Casandra


#MustHear Track from James Blake

I can be really lukewarm when it comes to <a href=”“> James Blake</a>.  A little too much like Antony Hegarty, a little too emo-dreamy, a little too blah.  So I wasn’t terribly excited when Overgrown came out earlier this year, because the new album seemed like more of the same from the first album.  But I have to admit, “Retrograde” got to me.

I’m not sure exactly what makes this song so much more appealing than Blake’s earlier work – it might be the catchy vocal hook, the dark melancholy that’s geared more toward adults than adolescents, or perhaps the fact that it’s so well produced.  In any case, this is the song that opened the door to the world of James Blake for me, and if you’re also on the fence about him, I urge you to give this song a try and see if it doesn’t help sway you.  Now I find I’m able to listen to the new album on shuffle, and I’m actually kind of liking it.

Checking out The Golden Ghosts, an EPIC Psych Rock Ensemble out of LA

Ugly Trash Demon, “You, Me, and FFC” I cannot say…

Ugly Trash Demon, “You, Me, and FFC”

You, Me, and, FFCI cannot say enough warm kind things about this band and this song right now. Thanks to UTD for submitting and suggesting it!

Immediately upon listening, I felt my heart comforted by a familiar feeling of acoustic melodies that were followed by a charming voice that somehow sang in facets- strength and talent and experience confidence yet also portraying vulnerability and gentleness…

It can transport you to an open field festival, a breezy warm summer dusk. There may be hundreds of people sharing in the song and serenity with you, and while you feel the connection it brings, you also get a sense of being the only one sitting on the grass as you are serenaded by a voice that at many times sounds a lot like Adam Duritz of Counting Crows.

For a nostalgic nineties dame (er as the case may be: gentleman) it only adds to the sweet embrace of this tune. Then quite honestly the most unexpected surprise comes in the form of horns, brilliantly complimenting the notes the swirl around you. It happens to be perfect if you were heading down 90’s Memory Lane since in the back of your mind you may now hear Mustard Plug or Dishwalla humming quietly and respectfully as to not overwhelm or take away from what is obviously a core of well-crafted indie acoustics.

In case you are reading instead of listening and think I am saying these guys are old-school and their music belongs in another decade… you are 180 degrees off! The song screams suitable for the “indie/folk/alt” craze of today while not coming off as generic or cookie cutter. The song and this band stand strongly on their own and I get the sense of some staying power in them, as Juana would say “I can see a future in you, UTD”

Thanks again for sharing this with us and anyone else out there on the other end of the scree- let us know what you think of this one!

Forest Fone submitted this video from a band called Still…