Watch: “Call Them Brothers” from Regina Spektor’s Vimeo.

Call Them Brothers” was written by Jack Dishel of Only Son & Regina Spektor. It appears on Only Son’s second album, Searchlight

Dishel was the frontman for New York band Stipplicon + the lead guitarist for The Moldy Peaches, best known for their single “Anyone Else But You” featured on the acclaimed Juno Soundtrack. He is currently pursuing his solo project Only Son, (which includes Rick Snell on guitar, Shawn Feeney on bass, Jesse Wallace on drums and Jon Natchez or Ryan Smith on keyboards when playing with a live band).

The video was directed and photographed by James Holland. Additional archival footage was shot by Spektor’s family friend Howard Zuckerman.

Regina and Jack liked the song so much they recorded a new version of the song with producer Mike Elizondo. It appears on the digital deluxe edition of Spektor’s new album “What We Saw From The Cheap Seats” out 5/29 of iTunes.

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